The Pleasure of Research #2

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The Continuing Justification:  A previous post covers the seriously tedious continued research into local prime eateries and favourite dishes. Since posting previously - this Very Serious and Important Research has also take us to (amongst others) La Paika, situated on La Turche run - which does the MOST SENSATIONAL and also the MOST ENORMOUS prawns I've ever seen on their outside BBQ. The wine was also seriously excellent. The steak and ribs looked equally stunning. Next time...

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Have returned to La Buvette des Clavets where their Fromage en Croute was very welcomingly warming on a freezing misty damp day. Have finally eaten at La Chaudanne, instead of just drinking their wine in the bar downstairs, and the piglet, scallops and curried prawns were all very good news (separate dishes, not combined in a frenzy of over ordering).  

Chez Babeth is always a fantastically barking stop off in Plaine Dranse and fast becoming a never miss. The food is almost unparalleled - pizzas a safe bet and almost the best anywhere in the world (great crispy bases), and the steaks are pretty superlative too (particularly pepper sauce). The restaurant is the cosiest place on the mountain on whiteout days - and is a vision of heaven, that is if heaven is as obsessed with Christmas and teddy bears in all formats as much as Babeth is. Last visit included a very privileged and utterly memorable rendition of Happy Birthday to one lucky customer, which swiftly turned into Say You Say Me (of course it did) and then a spoken emotional tribute on her staff's behalf about her into a handheld crackly mic, followed by red hearts drawn on the cheeks of all customers with eyeliner pencil. As said before, it's utterly barking in there. But not to be missed. 

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The VIL (Very Important Legwork) continues. More anon.