Top Floor Plan: Before and After

The Grand Plan #3: Finally shareable - here are the floorplans for the chalet - Top Floor  third and last, after the bottom floor, and middle floor plans previously shared.  The below is the 'Now' for the Top Floor. 

The Now: So, this is almost the simplest floor to get the head around the 'Now'. It's essentially just one giant bare sauna room. Previously, when the former owners used it, it was a sort of pine dorm room, with 4 single beds scattered around (in an organised and comfy fashion) the room. There is a large store room at the back, which had stacks of junk and old boards (the table top found in here, as well as the old box with the original owner's address handwritten on it), and doesn't have a proper floor or insulated ceiling still. That's, erm, it. 


What Will Happen Next: We're really excited about this floor. In some ways it will have the biggest change, as there's nothing really going on up here apart from a Serious Pine Cladding Party. From a bare base, we're planning to build in two bedrooms, create two new windows (out the back end - the right hand edge of the diagram), put in floor to ceiling glass at the view end, move the staircase access point and build in two whole new bathrooms. 

The Wow Factor Master Bedroom: One of our main aims was to have at least one bedroom that would be a total showstopper. Partly as the person paying the rental bill at the end of the week needs to feel a particular sense of value for money and of course special treatment. And partly as this will be our bedroom (though it's actually not the main motivation). So this is what we've had at the back of our minds when wrestling with the layout options. Initially we had been planning to divide the space horizontally rather than vertically - to have two long thin rooms and make the most of the view, both benefiting from that lovely light and mountain dawns. But when we took ownership in February it became clear that if we forged ahead with that plan we would be compromising both rooms and ending up with a poorer product. So we scrapped those plans, and have come up with the below layout. The master bedroom will hopefully be very lovely and very memorable. It will have floor to ceiling windows, the bed will face the windows and have the most amazing morning view of the mountains (we can testify to this having now slept up there a few times). There will be very little to clutter this room, apart from a bit of built in storage and possibly a chaise longue. The en suite will be the only bathroom with a separate shower and bath. The shower will be a steam shower, with a rain shower head.  The second bedroom will actually be a big one as it happens, and have a fairly decent en suite. In our heads - the final configuration lends itself to a family (2 adults, 2 kids) on this floor, and another family + extras on the bottom floor (2 adults and 2 kids and 2 extra). So - all showstopping fingers crossed that the reality matches the vision. Because the vision is really super spectacular in our heads.