Middle Floor Plan: Before and After

The Grand Plan #2: Finally shareable - here are the floorplans for the chalet - Middle  floor second, after the bottom floor, top floor to follow. The below is the 'Now' for the 1st/ Middle floor. 

The Actual Rooms: So, at the moment, the entrance is in the middle of the bottom edge of the diagram. When you enter, the stairs to the upper level are immediately in front of you.  The main bedroom, masquerading as a pine-rich sauna, is immediately to the right, with the galley kitchen to the front, under the stairs. The bedroom has great storage, much mega-cupboardry, and a lovely view of the mountains from the bed. Some of the cupboards are totally mystifying and utterly useless though - long and tall and really enormous, but can't actually fit anything useful inside. The kitchen is currently lovely and functional, with a great double sink, no real surface space and a creaky but working oven. I have genuinely no idea how any mass catering has previously taken place in here over the last 30 years. We've managed 6 covers at the most, and that was plenty. It has a great pantry space, but clashes awkwardly with the door. 

1/2 Redundant Bathroom: There is the main bathroom, with bath and shower (neither work any more), connected to the kitchen and also to the main bedroom. The sink and toilet work though - that was such a good day when the water finally ran through and we didn't have to put all every available jumper just to dash outside in the snow to the loo!

Sitting Area: There is a little hatch window from the kitchen to the sitting room area, next to the fireplace. The fireplace is GIANT, and one of the things we really love in the current configuration. Then The Table that Ollie Built is in the window area at the bottom edge, with the main seating area in front of the fireplace. The sitting room as it is (minus mega orange pine time) is actually such a pleasure to spend time in even now - and one of the main reasons we fell in love it initially. The sun streams in all day, and the views are just spectacular. As is the fire, when the pine cladding is burning like billy-o, and it's snowing buckets outside.


What will happen next: Essentially, it's fairly straightforward on this floor as ALL the walls will come down. Bye bye walls, bye bye sauna, hello light, hello air, hello space. The kitchen will be to the right as you enter (same front door position), with the mountain view to be looked at while washing up (makes it slightly easier anyway!). The internal staircase will be the top edge, where the bathroom currently is. The table stays the same position, but will seat 10 rather than the current 6 (8 at a push). The plan is to build in a window seat/ bench with storage to go under the window. The fireplace will stay in the same spot, but won't be in the corner, but flat against the wall instead. We're looking at floating it so it's almost at eye level, with a glass fire guard like this one. There will be a corner sofa, and big double doors out onto the enlarged terrace. There will also be an extended terrace, for gauzy spritzer summer evenings. The biggest difference will be floor to ceiling glass windows and doors letting all the sunlight in - to get the full mountain view in summer or in deep snow. We're most excited about the plans for this floor layout, as it already is our favourite room, and will be even more a wonderful space to spend time in.