Chalet Ground Floor Plan: Before and After

The Grand Plan #1: Finally shareable - here are the floorplans for the chalet - ground floor first, rest to follow. The below is the 'Now' for the ground/ bottom floor. It's very bare and basic (see link for photos), and currently isn't connected via an internal staircase to the top two floors. It has a weird 'sitting room' in the central area, which, due to the positioning of the other 4 rooms, acts more as an oversized corridor, and ensures you'd never really sit or spend any real time in there particularly. It also has a peculiar utility room slash basic kitchen, which is where the temporary water tank currently sits, and which we're using as a ski and boot room, and where we used to have to wash up when there was only running water to this floor during Week One. The bathroom on this level has a rather good working shower, and is actually pretty decent, bathroom standard wise. There is a outhouse to the side of the main building that currently houses the oil tank (now redundant once the heating system bust), as well as the snow shovel et al useful manly items.  

Second Best Bedroom: There is a balcony wrapping around this lower level currently. There is also an elderly door in the bottom bedroom - which doesn't open at the moment, and which will be replaced. Which means that this terrace door, combined with the double aspect view from that room, suggests that this will most likely be the second bedroom after the top floor mega master suite.


The Head Scratching Challenge: The walls are crazy thick concrete on this level, which has proved to be a little challenging in terms of working out the most suitable layout, to ensure that we can fit in 3 double bedrooms and their en suites within the space, as well as the staircase. The two bedrooms that are already in existence are staying as is - as the thickness of the walls leading into them (around 52cm thick) is prohibitive and impractical for any movement. Happily with a bit of imagination and staring long and hard and unblinkingly at drawings, it is possible to get into both rooms via a door (!), and furnish both rooms with decent en suite bathrooms too. This is in addition to finding space for a third bedroom down there with its own bathroom, so it doesn't include a terrifically dark and weird shaped corridor (as one version of the plan suggested) right in the middle, or a totally peculiar bathroom or two.

Atlas Holding up the World: Have had to establish the tricky business of moving a thick concrete wall at the back of the building, however (the connecting wall between the current utility room and the bathroom). It was actually all looking rather hopeless for a while, as the wall is very much a supporting one, but have now had a structural expert chap come around who has assured us that we can get a steel support in there, and therefore move the wall to the left and make room for a (hopefully) lovely quirky bedroom and ensuite. 

Also: We're also turning the current oil shed into the ensuite for the top bedroom - which will hopefully be quirky and fun. We have plans to build a covered garage, heated ski boot room and utility room at the base of the front of the property, which will have a flat roof - and therefore extend the current balcony on this lower level into a proper sun terrace. Researching firepits...but the jury is still very much out on hot tubs...<shudder>