We are Darren Choppin and Katya Shipster, owners of Chalet de Soie.

'Chic Happens' charts the ups and downs of our Alpine chalet renovation project; from the first day of ownership (7th February 2013) to the first day of rental (14th December 2013) and beyond to running the rental business. The blog is written by Katya.

The Challenge: Chalet de Soie was a charming old four bedroom farmhouse situated in the picturesque ski resort of Morzine in the French Alps.  The original owner used the top floor as a silk painting studio, and it has been used and loved for innumerable family holidays over the years. It was in need of some major TLC so that it could be enjoyed for many years still to come.

The Aim: We had to completely renovate the chalet, replace the ancient plumbing and frankly dangerous wiring, strip away the interior cladding as well as re-configured the layout throughout, replace the kitchen and all bathrooms and add in a new bedroom. The finished property has five bedrooms and five bathrooms, and is modern and charming, and a 'chic little chalet' (according to the Sunday Times).

The Finished Property: New joists installed. New walls built. New bathroom built. New wiring fitted. New plumbing installed. New insulation fitted, inside and out. Exterior wall screeded. New boilers fitted. Bigger waste pipe dug. Underfloor heating fitted throughout. Interior floor screeded. Different window size cut to facade. Interior reclaimed wood cladding fitted. Wood burning stove installed. Exterior cladding finished. New balcony finished. Exterior bottom balcony tiled. Flooring in this week. New front door hung. New boot room built. Bathrooms tiled. New steps to the property built. Windows installed (and they look amazing). Plastering and painting finished. Kitchen in.  Interior staircase in. Bathroom sanitary ware installed. Marble work surface fitted. Appliances fitted. Bunk bed built. Mural painted. Interior doors hung. Lighting finished. Furniture delivered. Beds made. Chandelier hung. Paintings hung. Cushions finished. Curtains up. Mirrors up. Guests in.

We don't own a property in England where we both live and work full time. We are both 32, and this is our first renovation. 

Chic didn't happen overnight; we had 300 days to make it happen. Job done.

Contact Us: info@chaletdesoie.com 

Chalet Website: www.chaletdesoie.com  

Renovation Company: http://www.alpinerenovation.eu/ 

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