A Wooden Update

A Brief Moment of Appreciation: Obviously the chalet is at its heart a wooden structure (with concrete base). It's also one of the aspects of this project that we have been keen to celebrate, and also invest in. I've touched on this before, but we had 5 main aims when we started out on this build (and the many other smaller priorities came later!), areas that we weren't prepared to compromise on or cut corners. The first 3 were all out of practical necessity; replacing the plumbing, replacing the electrical wiring, and internalising the staircase between middle and bottom floors. The final two were our wishlist/ dream based ones. In fact these were the two areas that we always wanted to really invest in to make the best of the property and really showcase it's strengths. These were turning the wall in the main living space into one huge window - so that the incredible view outside is shown off to all it's full glory at all times, rather than having to step outside into the cold to get the full benefit, as you did before. The second was to remove all the dated and frankly ugly bright orange sauna pine cladding throughout, but not to lose the chalet elements of the internal building - and replace it with something altogether more beautiful and more of a feature. So we've put in one feature wall into every room, clad in absolutely incredible looking reclaimed wood. The doors are also made of the same material - and are completely solid and wonderful looking, as well as functional! This is also the case in most of the bathrooms too - so I wanted to have a moment to celebrate this potentially overlookable feature, to everyone else but us as it must be celebrated!   

In addition, we've ensured that the other 'wooden' finish elements of the build - the kitchen, the flooring, the staircase, all match and will keep the connection and flow throughout the building. The staircase isn't in yet, but we've seen it all stacked up in storage. Likewise the flooring (which starts to go in today), we've seen and touched it all stacked up, but can't wait to see it in situ this coming weekend.

We're also delighted with the exterior cladding - which has been burnt and brushed, as described in a previous post